Founding Stakeholder Pledge

What’s a stakeholder?


When you support Transform1060 by attending, volunteering, or hosting, YOU are.


Community involvement makes it all happen. Donations are important.

Community involvement is just as crucial!

The Transform1060 team is asking that everyone commit to ATTEND an event, VOLUNTEER at an event, or HOST an event in the first 90 days of of 2022.

Do that, and we’ll include you in our honor wall in the space as a founding stakeholder. Want to help shape the future of the space by participating in the community accountability panel or as Transform1060 leadership?

That journey starts with becoming a vested stakeholder! 


Your participation helps us build community! Event tickets and admission fees  pay the monthly rent and bills and support our hosts so they can hold more events. Paid admissions also help fund greater inclusion via need-based comped tickets and rental discounts for historically excluded groups. Attending shows your support and engagement. 

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Hosting is probably easier and more rewarding than you imagine! The Transform1060 team supports individual or organizational event hosts in having the kind of party, workshop, or gathering they envision. Our commitment to greater inclusion means we have rental discounts for events serving historically excluded, marginalized or under-represented groups within leather/kink/fetish. Want details? Email! 

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As a non-profit community supported space, we depend on volunteers! Volunteers help maintain the space, and assist event hosts with setup, check-in, monitoring, and teardown.  To volunteer for an event, check the event listings on our calendar, or contact the hosts via their event listing. To volunteer in helping maintain and improve the space, contact!

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