Rental Rates

Event Policies


Flat Rental Rates

Below are our 2023/2024 rental rates and some of our key rental polices. 

The first amount is Folsom Side only. Second is whole space. (“Whole space” means Folsom + Russ indoor spaces.) Russ Side rates have not been established.  On Saturday evening, rentals are ONLY full indoor venue — no partial rentals. 


Day/time Rate
Weekday morning or afternoon $225/450
Weekend morning or afternoon $400/675
Monday-Wednesday evening $360/575
Thursday or Sunday evening $400/700
Friday evening $950/1500
Saturday evening $1750 BOTH SIDES

The rates above are our “rack rates.” Events renting with these rates keep their entire door receipts.  Some weekends (Pride, Dore Alley, Folsom Street Fair) are in high demand and have higher rates, in addition to being scheduled with community input to ensure parity. 

Pricing for overnight and two day events is based on the primary rental time(s) and day(s). 

PRIVATE RENTALS: We do rent on an hourly basis (two hour minimum). These rentals are for private use, not events. They are mostly on weekdays, and are subject to availability. If you’re interested, email with preferred dates and times. 


  • Transform1060 asks that new rentals pay the entire rental fee in advance to secure their booking date. We will no longer be accepting 50% deposit with remainder after the event.
  • If a group cancels their event after finalizing the booking, that amount will be 100% refundable up to 45 days before the event. From 44-31 days before the event, 50% will be refunded. Within 30 days of the event, there will be no refund for cancellations.
  • The specific cancellation deadline dates for each rental will be included in the group’s event contract, or in their confirmation email in the event they do not have a separate contract. 


Our goal is to have our site calendar reflect availability. However, we’re still in the process of loading events into the calendar. If you’re interested in renting the space, email us at 

Alternatives to our flat rental rates

As a non-profit, community run educational space, Transform1060 depends on hosted rental fees to meet our budget and remain financially sustainable. However, we are also committed to providing space for organizations and groups that have historically been marginalized, excluded, or underrepresented in queer leather/kink/fetish communities. We are also committed to helping groups and individuals “try out” new event ideas and themes to gauge community demand. 

To that end, our operating proposal calls for allocating 10-20% of our monthly gross rental receipts to support historically excluded, marginalized, and underrepresented groups and individuals through funding of events, admissions, and other discounts and expenditures. (That’s 10%  until the rent debt is retired, increasing as the gross income allows.) 

If your group, or organization thinks you might qualify for discounted rental or alternative hosting arrangements, contact us directly at Include information about your group, your estimated attendance, and days/dates under consideration. Because Transform1060 has limited financial resources for these discounts, we may not be able to accommodate every request. While some groups may consider themselves marginalized within a larger social context, we cannot provide discounts to groups that are generally well-represented within queer leather and kink circles.

Finally, some events choose to donate some or all door proceeds to Transform1060, or use other models — for example, a discounted rate combined with sharing the door proceeds. One of our goals it to make these options clearer through collaboration with our stakeholders and community accountability panel. 

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Event Policies

Because Transform1060 uses a hosted-event model, we do not have a lengthy set of guidelines or “dungeon rules” for all events.

We ask that hosts have explicit guidelines for attendance (who can attend) and that they have clear policies about consent, DM presence, etc. 

Transform1060 does not rent to or host open or private cisgender-only events. We are working with the community to establish guidelines for event hosts to ensure events are not just inclusive, but welcoming. 

There is no smoking allowed in any part of the Transform1060 indoor space. Smoking is allowed in the courtyard area. 

Sales of alcohol are not permitted at Transform1060. 

All bathrooms at Transform1060 are open to everyone; there are no gendered bathrooms.

Our courtyard space is primarily meant for event staging (load in/out, COVID testing), smoking, and accessibility via roll-in entrance and parking. Transform1060 does not guarantee other uses for events. Event hosts should not move or remove items in the courtyard without prior approval by our team. 

Events are welcome to have implement their own COVID practices, which might include vaccination requirements, masking or on site testing.

For detailed expectations for hosts, please see our new HOSTING EXPECTATIONS page. 

Folsom side

The “Folsom side” of Transform1060 includes the entrance at 1060 Folsom Street, the entrance lobby, upstairs locker area and “chill space,” as well as the main space and loft. There are two bathrooms: one toilet only (no sink) off the upstairs locker, and one accessible bathroom off the lobby/hallway area. 

Russ Side 

The “Russ side” of Transform1060 is the newer addition. It can be accessed through the courtyard entrance at 190 Russ Street, or via the large door at the back of the main Folsom side space. The Russ side includes a number of smaller rooms that open onto each other. The entrance lobby is a lounge with a full kitchen and a small stage. There is one bathroom in the Russ Side, which is not fully accessible because of its small size. 


The Transform1060 courtyard is a gated area accessible from 190 Russ Street and from the large back door in the Folsom side. The accessible/roll-in entrance to both sides is through the courtyard. It can also be used for those needing dedicated accessible parking, or for loading and unloading, with prior notice. Other uses of the Courtyard must be pre-approved prior to your event. 




These rates and policies are a work in progress. Rates may change, and the policies here will be adjusted with community input. If you have questions, please contact us directly! 

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