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In accordance with the City and County of San Francisco’s “Safer Return Together” COVID-19 health order,  Transform 1060’s COVID policy is as follows: 

  • Proof of vaccination with complete initial series is required for admission to any event or rental, public or private.
  • Transform1060 no longer requires masks inside the building at open and private events.
  • Event hosts are welcome to have more stringent requirements, which may include requiring masks.
  • Event attendees are responsible for verifying the vaccination and masking policy of an event with the hosts in advance. 
  • The monthly RELEASE party hosted by the Transform1060 team require proof of up-to-date-vaccination with booster.
  • Event attendees are always welcome to wear masks inside the space, even when not required. Respect the masking choices of others.
While the updated health order allows businesses to admit unvaccinated people if they wear masks indoors, Transform1060 is choosing not to open to unvaccinated people.

“Vaccination with complete initial series” in San Francisco is either ONE J&J dose at least two weeks before event date, or TWO doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, the second at least two weeks before the event date. “Up to date vaccination” in San Francisco is a complete initial series AND boosters as available.
The Transform1060 team encourages everyone to be fully vaccinated with an additional booster. We also recognize that members of the communities we serve have a wide range of risk profiles. We urge everyone to make choices based on their own risks, and that of their households and work situations.


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