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[Policy last reviewed 1/29/2024; no changes made.]
While COVID continues to have global impact, local, state, and federal authorities ave chosen to end “state of emergency” orders and similar formal pandemic policies. In keeping with that changing status of COVID policies, Transform1060 is no longer requiring proof of COVID vaccination for admission. Event hosts are no longer required to check for vaccination status.


  • Event hosts are welcome to have more stringent requirements, which may include checking vaccination status, offering pre-event testing, or requiring masks.
  • Event attendees are responsible for verifying the vaccination and masking policy of an event with the hosts in advance. 
  • Event attendees are always welcome to wear masks inside the space, even when not required. Respect the masking choices of others.
  • Transform1060 strongly encourages vaccinations for COVID, as well as seasonal flu vaccines and MPOX vaccines for those at risk. 
  • We recognize that members of the communities we serve have a wide range of risk profiles. We urge everyone to make choices based on their own risks, and that of their households and work situations.


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