Expectations for Event Hosts

Updated 1/29/2024


This page  outlines the expectations Transform1060 has for event hosts throughout the booking and event process. These expectations reflect our core values: inclusion, transparency, accountability, and fiscal responsibility. The expectations are also informed by Transform1060’s intention to become a federally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit entity. These expectations are separate from requirements of an event contract.


We ask that all hosting requests be sent via email to info@transform1060.org. For accountability and tracking reasons, Transform1060 does not book via social media (Fetlife, Facebook, etc.) or verbally. We love hearing that you are interested in hosting an event, but please send email.

We ask that hosts be transparent with us about their event plans. Transparency includes:

  • Explaining the type of event you want to have (theme, focus, etc.), expected attendance, and use of the space.
  • Explaining who is hosting the event, including any co-hosting groups. We ask that hosts not book events on behalf of other groups or individuals without letting us know. We encourage co-hosting, but expect hosts to disclose such arrangements when booking events. This includes organizations providing support at your event in addition to your hosting group.
  • Providing ONE consistent contact person for communication about an event. We recognize that groups may have teams that work to plan events, but ask that one person with one email address be designated to work with Transform1060. If you need to share information with your group, do that with your own forwarding or bcc, not “looping them in” to emails with Transform1060. 
  • Explaining who can attend their event. Transform1060 allows gender-specific and gender-exclusive events, but we expect all events to be trans-inclusive for their event’s gender profile.  We ask that hosts be honest with us about their policies and practices for transgender inclusion when asked during the booking process.

We ask that hosts be timely in following up on booking steps. These include:

  • Responding to booking email in a timely manner.
  • Sending in any advance payments by the deadline offered.
  • Providing full name & phone contact for the person who will be responsible during the event.
  • Providing concise event details for the Transform1060 website calendar for non-private events. These details should be emailed to info@transform1060.org as soon as possible after your booking is confirmed. We do not post images on the calendar — please send text with embedded links to tickets, info, etc. 



We ask that hosts handle their own event publicity. We will post open events to Transform1060’s website calendar. Hosts control where and how their events are advertised, as long as they respect Transform1060’s core values when doing so. 

We ask that hosts take care in describing events as “fundraisers.” Because of our status as a fiscally sponsored non-profit, Transform1060 must take steps to ensure that fundraising on behalf of the space itself is pre-approved by our fiscal sponsor. If an event host is fundraising for another organization or group, that beneficiary should be clearly indicated in the event description, graphics, or announcements. 

We ask that hosts contact us via email before changing their event substantially. This includes proposing changes to event type, focus, intended use, expected audience, co-sponsorship, change in responsible party contact, or additional groups supporting the event. If you are unsure if a change is substantial, email us. Clear, proactive communication helps both Transform1060 and hosts.

If we have a concern with an event or event listing, we ask that hosts honor our requests to modify or remove event listings or other publicity while we work to resolve the concern. Some examples of these types of concerns:

  • Language or images that are not in line with Transform1060’s core values
  • Confusing description around an event’s relationship with Transform1060
  • Substantial changes in the event without prior contact for approval
  • Errors in date/time/location of event

If a situation like this happens, we expect the host to take action quickly, then we will work together to resolve the issue in a timely manner.

The Transform1060 Courtyard’s primary purpose is a roll-in access for guests with disabilities. It’s also an outdoor smoking/social area and event staging point (load in/out and COVID testing.) We ask that hosts email in advance to request any other use of the Courtyard space. Without that prior approval, Transform1060 makes no guarantee that the Courtyard space will be available for other uses, even for “whole venue” rentals. 



Transform1060 no longer requires events to verify COVID vaccinations. Hosts are welcome to implement their own COVID precautions (vaccinations, boosters, masks, rapid tests). We ask that hosts make these part of their event descriptions.

We ask that hosts contact Transform1060’s team immediately in the event that they call fire, police, or EMT services. Medical emergency? Police report? Contact us immediately by text or phone. 

We ask that hosts keep track of locker keys to ensure they are returned at the end of the night. Hosts may choose to take a deposit, request ID to hold, etc. For each key not returned, Transform1060 may charge a $5 key loss fee. 

We ask that hosts help us to be good neighbors. This includes being mindful of ways event attendees might be disrupting others outside the space, using caution with sound system additions that create loud bass vibrations late at night, and having their guests use the courtyard for smoking when possible rather than the sidewalks.

We ask that hosts enforce our venue policies:

  • No smoking or vaping anywhere inside the building. Smoking and vaping are only allowed in the courtyard area.
  • No alcohol sales at Transform1060.
  • All bathrooms at Transform1060 are open to everyone. There are no gendered bathrooms.
  • No transgender-exclusionary events.

We ask that hosts take responsibility for any equipment or fixtures damaged during their event. Hosts are responsible for the behavior of their attendees, including damage to equipment, lighting, plumbing, etc.

We understand that hosts often arrange equipment to serve a layout more conducive for their event. We ask that our hosts return any equipment or furniture to the location it was in when they arrived. Equipment in the Courtyard should not be moved without prior team approval. 

We ask that hosts completely clean the space and equipment after their event.  If our operations volunteers determine that the space was not properly cleaned, we ask our hosts to be responsive to feedback and improve for future events. Transform1060 may also charge a $300 cleaning if groups do not clean the space adequately. 



We ask our hosts to notify us if they exhausted the last of any consumable supplies during their event such as paper towels, toilet paper, gloves, etc.

We ask that hosts promptly remit any remaining payment for the event as agreed.

We ask that hosts follow up within 48 hours with any issues that came up during the event: equipment or fixture problems, consent reports, etc.

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This page is a work in progress.

When we recognize other implicit expectations for hosts, we will acknowledge them. We will add them to this page if they are in line with our core values. We invite feedback from our vested community stakeholders about these expectations. 

What happens if hosts do not meet these expectations?

The Transform1060 team recognizes that things go wrong. Miscommunication and mistakes happen. If hosts realize they cannot meet one or more of these expectations, we ask that they let us know by email as soon as possible. Most often, we will find a solution that works for the host and the Transform1060 team. In the unlikely event that we cannot work out a solution together so that a host can reliably meet these expectations, Transform1060 may choose to decline future rentals to that host.