Meetings AT Transform1060


As an educational and social space serving kink/leather/fetish communities in the San Francisco area, Transform1060 does host some group meetings, largely on a monthly basis.

For meetings, we can offer the “Russ Side” of the space. This area includes a large dining-room style table, chairs, couches, a kitchenette, and small raised stage area. Access to Russ is through the courtyard area. Russ has a 49 person occupancy limit, but no more than 20 people is a better fit for meeting groups. 

We ask that meetings agree to to the following:
  •  Meetings have ONE contact person responsible for updating Transform1060 about scheduling changes and coordinating payment for the space. We need to have a name, email, and contact phone for that person. 
  • Meetings can be held monthly/bi-weekly in the evenings Monday-Thursday. We cannot host meetings on Friday evenings or Saturday day/night. We *may* be able to host meetings on Sunday afternoons or evenings, depending on scheduling and availability. We are not able to host new weekly meetings right now. 
  • We ask for $100 for meeting space. This covers a 2 hour weeknight block of time, plus 30 minutes before/after for setup and cleanup. (Example: a 7-9 PM meeting can setup at 6:30 PM, and folks may linger to clean up, but everyone must have left and locked the space by 9:30 PM.)
  • Because we understand some meetings may pay for their event via attendee donations and “passing the hat”, we ask that the meeting be paid for within seven days after the event. 
  • Meetings must be “up to date” on their $100, or risk being put on hold. 
  • We ask that meeting attendees agree they are not hosting a play event, and will not use equipment for play, sitting, pictures, etc. 
  • We ask that meeting attendees bring their own cups for water — Transform1060 does not provide cups.
  • Meeting attendees are welcome to bring in food and beverages. All garbage from the event must be placed in the outdoor garbage containers at the end of the meeting. 
  • As with all event hosts, we ask that meeting organizers handle their own publicity. We can put your event on our website calendar. Any other promotions or event listings are yours to maintain. 
  • The Russ space has a one gender-neutral single occupancy bathroom, which is not wheelchair accessible (no room for a chair.)  There is one step up into the entrances to the Russ social area. If your meeting needs a fully ADA-accessible space with an accessible bathroom, we may not be a good fit for you right now. We have a commitment to increasing accessibility as our limited budget allows, so we may be able to do that in the future.




    Q: Why do groups have to pay for meeting space? 
    A: The Transform1060 team would love to be able to offer meeting space for free. However, we also have a commitment to fiscal sustainability — which means we have to balance community need with our operating expenses. For groups that might otherwise meet at cafes or other locations, we think $100 represents a reasonable alternative to the combined money that attendees might spend there.
    Q: Do you offer DEI discounts for meetings? 
    A: Right now, we’re asking the very lowest amount possible for a meeting — a discount is included in the $100 cost. If your group absolutely cannot afford this, please contact us. We may be able to offer alternative arrangements for groups with an urgent unmet need. (Recovery groups, for example.)
    Q: Can our group meet up on site before a party hosted at Transform1060? 
    A: That depends on the event organizer and staffing availability.  For events hosted by Transform1060 (RELEASE and LUST), you can contact us directly at For events with other hosts, please contact us AND the event host directly. Hosts may decline your request — we recommend considering another local venue, like Extreme Pizza. 


Does Transform1060 Host Munches? 

No. We take seriously the long history of munches as open events held in public usually “vanilla” spaces, often cafes or restaurants. We don’t offer food or drinks other than water. We’re not available for “drop in” or “stay late” casual meetups. We also cannot offer the space for free, as many munch spaces do. 

We encourage munch groups to seek out locally-run cafes or restaurants to host their events. Near us, we suggest looking at Extreme Pizza, which has some tables and counter service.